Lawrence Feinstein, PhD, VP Clinical Programs Selected to Present at the 2014 National Rx Drug Abuse Summit

ENCINITAS, Calif. (INTERNAL) December 20, 2013

Lawrence Feinstein, Ph.D., SafeUseNow℠ Vice President of Clinical Programs, will co-present with Tron Emptage, Chief Clinical Pharmacist, Progressive Medical and Robert Hall, MD, Medical Director, Progressive Medical in a Teaming with Clinicians session.


The conference will be held April 22-24, 2014, in Atlanta, Georgia.


Data from the CDC shows that half of the nation’s population is currently taking at least one prescription medication, and one in ten people have taken five or more prescriptions in the past month. The increased use of data analytics in workers’ compensation has given Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs) and payors advanced warning when a claim is at risk. After clinical triage, initiating a change in therapy requires collaboration with the treating physician, but sometimes enlisting his or her help is not as easy as it should be.


This session explores the artful way PBMs and payors should approach physicians as partners in the intervention process, using proven outreach methods and collaboration-inviting communications. Attendees will hear from a physician about the value of factual presentation and the importance of conveying a plan for action. In addition, from letters of medical necessity to peer-to-peer reviews, the various tools will be demonstrated as one payor shows the results achieved after engaging its PBM and the physician in a therapy change that averted prescription medication misuse, restored a safer treatment path and reduced claim cost through faster closure.


Finally, presenters will discuss the use of Social Learning theory as a framework for customizing an intervention program that optimizes responsiveness and behavior change among the largest possible number of prescribers. The program tailors messages to address prescriber risk factors and encourage the adoption of safe use prescribing practices.


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