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Patrick J. Burns



Mr. Burns is the President and CEO of Principled Strategies. He has more than 20 years of experience as an executive and consultant in the public and private sectors. He specializes in strategic planning for product development and product commercialization initiatives using advanced data analysis and decision support systems. Mr. Burns has successfully designed and directed the analysis and optimization of hundreds of clinical and commercialization programs for dozens of FORTUNE 1000 companies.


Since 2009 Mr. Burns has directed the research and development program responsible for development of the SafeUseNow℠ program, including its recently completed three-year clinical trial.


Areas of expertise:


  • Strategic planning and corporate development for product development and commercialization initiatives

  • Predictive analysis, resource optimization, and risk analysis

  • Data mining, executive information, and decision support systems

  • R&D for scientific and health care information technology applications


The Darden School Executive Education, University of Virginia; B.S., Business Administration with Finance and Economics concentrations, San Diego State University


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Paul DuBose, PhD

Vice President, Analytics


Dr. DuBose is one of the industry’s most respected analysts. He leads a team of experts that provides clients with sophisticated solutions and insights to highly quantitative problems through a synergy of advanced analytics and extensive industry experience.


Dr. DuBose has patented algorithms and developed trade secret methodologies years ahead of commonly available statistical techniques; created analytical processes to rapidly and cost-effectively develop customized, sophisticated predictive models; and performed ground-breaking work in Artificial Neural Networks (ANNs) leading to seminal research in process control.


He has over fifteen years of experience in modeling promotional response and optimally allocating promotional resources. Dr. DuBose has worked with pharmaceutical companies in Asia and Europe as well as the United States and has developed promotional response models for numerous products in a wide range of therapeutic classes. Prior to joining Principled Strategies and co-founding SafeUseNow℠ he worked at a major pharmaceutical company.


Ph.D. and M.S., Statistics, Iowa State University; M.S. Software Engineering, Seattle University; M.S. and B.S., Mathematics, Portland State University


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Larry Feinstein, PhD

Vice President, Clinical Programs


Dr. Feinstein is the architect of the innovative SafeUseNow℠ prescriber and patient prescription drug abuse intervention program.


Dr. Feinstein previously was Vice President of Product Development at OptumHealth where he developed programs in behavioral health and medical-behavioral integration. His expertise in program development includes six years as a Solutions Director at Fair Isaac Corporation ─ the FICO score company ─ where he adapted advanced analytics, data management, and decision technology to create health care solutions. His experience includes software development and product management for behavioral health managed care organizations, community clinics, and individual providers.


Dr. Feinstein currently has a private practice near San Francisco ( where he helps people with chronic medical conditions manage their health and treatment. He also assists care-givers with stress, coping, and life balance. Dr. Feinstein received postdoctoral training at UC Irvine Medical Center. 


Ph.D. Psychology (Behavioral Health); UCLA


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