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Patrick J. Burns Presents a 5-Year SafeUseNow℠ Validation Study at the 2013 College on Problems of Drug Dependence (CPDD) Conference

San Diego, CA, June 19, 2013

Patrick J. Burns, President, Principled Strategies, co-presented a scientific poster with David Haddox, MD, DDS, Purdue Pharma, LP, at the 2013 College on Problems of Drug Dependence conference held in San Diego, California on June 15-20. The poster reported a validation study of the Potential Concern Index (PCI) model first presented to the College at CPDD 2011. Mr. Burns and Dr. Haddox reassessed national prescribers of opioids who earned a top 100 PCI score to learn if the PCI scores computed previously predicted the likelihood of subsequent problems, such as board of medical examiners (BOMEX) actions and arrests.


The validation study concluded that 74% of the 97 living Top 100 prescribers experienced a BOMEX medical license action, law enforcement action, and/or significant news event within 1-4 years of identification by the PCI model.

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